v2.6.0, 2022-April-13

  • #330 Removed deprecated APIs from before Meteor 1.0
  • This is potentially breaking, especially for old packages and apps.
  • blaze-html-templates@2.0.0
    • Dependency on ui and spacebars package has been removed
  • spacebars@1.3.0
    • Spacebars.TemplateWith has been removed, please use Blaze._TemplateWith if you need it.
  • blaze@2.6.0
    • Blaze.InOuterTemplateScope has been removed, if you need it, you can use Blaze._InOuterTemplateScope
  • templating-runtime@1.6.0
    • Template.__define__ has been removed
    • UI.body has been removed, you should be using Template.body
    • Template.__body__ has been removed, you should be using Template.body
    • Template.__body__.__contentParts has been removed, you should be using Template.body.contentViews
    • Template.__body__.__instantiate has been removed, you should be using Template.body.renderToDocument
  • #341 Add support for arbitrary iterables in #each templates
  • #358 Make Template.contentBlock consistent with/out data provided
  • #359 Underscore has been removed from observe sequence
  • Updated testing dependencies

v2.5.0, 2021-June-5

  • #331 Remove underscore and all of its methods in the code

  • Updated dependencies

v2.4.0, 2021-April-12

  • #313 Implemented HMR for Blaze

  • #319 Fixed a few situations where the template compiler wouldn't optimise it's output javascript. Should make rendering faster (if the initial optimisation reasoning holds true)

  • #321 Just source code modernisation, making it easier to read. Shouldn't change any API's; except may need explicit import if other packages are using directly.

  • #324 Add a whitespace="strip" option to templates, which removes any whitespace that crosses newlines.

  • #276 HTML.isArray works across iFrames. This supports running blaze in sandboxed iFrames.

v2.3.4, 2019-Dec-13

  • jquery 3 support #299

v2.3.2, 2017-Mar-21

  • Made beautification of compiled spacebars code happen only on the server. #244

v2.3.1, 2017-Mar-16

  • Removed minifier-js dependency from templating-tools package. If you need your template output to be minified, you must add the package to your app manually, by running meteor add standard-minifier-js. The package is included in a standard meteor app. #236
  • Switched to use a uglify-js NPM package directly in spacebars-compiler for beautification instead of minifier-js package. #234

v2.3.0, 2017-Jan-12

  • Support for chaining block helpers syntax sugar (#39). Now you can use {{#if foo}}...{{else if bar}}..{{else}}..{{/if}} instead of manually nesting block helpers. It works with any block helper, not just if. It uses Handlebars syntax. Based on #50.
  • Prevent unnecessary materialization of DOM. Based on #103.
  • Bugfix: #228

v2.2.1, 2016-Dec-31

  • Reactive inline style attribute now preserves the internal order. Similarly for class. External changes are appended to the end. #141 #159
  • Reverted #102 and made a different fix for removing attributes for false values in dynamic attributes (#52). Fixes regression reported in #151.

v2.2.0, 2016-Nov-01

  • Allow nested template.autorun calls. #148
  • Potential speedup by using a specialized _.bind function.
  • Better support for HTML5 boolean attributes (disabled, required, hidden, …) to be removed when a falsy value is set, just like checked property. #52 #102

v2.1.9, 2016-Sep-13

  • Moved documentation to:
  • Started file with the list of all changes.
  • Moved development to the new repository:
  • Split templating package into templating-compiler and templating-runtime. #10

v2.1.8, 2016-Jun-10

  • History up to and including this version available as part of Meteor's history.
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